Nymi Band Tap Populates Username Field Only

On a user terminal that is configured for RFID-only, when the user taps their authenticated Nymi Band to log into Enterprise SSO, the login screen displays the username but does not fill in the password. When the user performs an authentication task in the MES application, the Enterprise SSO login window does not appear.

The ssoengine log file displays the following message:

Try roaming session ? RoamingSessionAllowed: 1; DontUseRoamingSession:1, RoamingSessionOnlyFromRFID: 0; m_bHasWearable: 1 AuthMethod (): RoamingSessionAble:0; RoamingSessionTried: 0; WearableAble: 0; MobileRFID: 0; MobileRFID: 0; MobileRFIDAllowed: 0;


The RoamingSessionAllowedForSSO registry key is not configured or misconfigured on the user terminal.


Set the RoamingSessonsAllowedForSSO registry key to 1 and then restart the Enterprise Access Management Security Service.

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