Enterprise SSO Login window does not appear when performing an e-signature in a Java-based MES application.

The Enterprise SSO Login window appears for actions that are not in the Java-based MES application, for example, SSO startup.

Cause 1

The required version of Visual C++ is not installed on the Evidian EAM Client computer.

Resolution 1

To resolve this issue, Install the Visual C++ Redistributable package on the machine that runs the MES application. You can get the required installation file from the EAM installation package in the ..\EAM\Install directory.

Cause 2

Evidian Java plugin is not enabled or a newer version of JRE was installed after the installation of Evidian Java plugin Evidian EAM Client.

Resolution 2

Install the Java plugin on the Evidian EAM Client by typing the following command:

C:\Program Files\Evidian\Enterprise Access Management>ssojsecfg/install path_to_jre

where path_to_jre is the directory location of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) application.

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