Nymi Lock Control

Nymi Lock Control is an application that provides users with the ability to manage access to a terminal, without typing a username and password. Nymi Lock Control verifies user access through Active Directory.

When you install Nymi Lock Control on a user terminal, the following functionality is supported:

Nymi Lock Control provides users with the following functionality on their user terminal:

  • Unlocking a terminal by tapping an authenticated Nymi Band on an NFC reader or bluetooth adapter that is attached to the terminal.
  • Unlocking a terminal by placing an authenticated Nymi Band within the range of the Bluetooth adapter, and clicking the Submit button on the Nymi Credential Provider Login screen.
  • Automatically unlocking or logging into a terminal by being placing an authenticated Nymi Band within range of the Bluetooth adapter and tapping the Enter button or space bar their keyboard.
  • Locking the user terminal when the authenticated user is not within the Bluetooth range of the terminal or when the user removes their Nymi Band.
  • Preventing a user terminal from locking by keeping an authenticated Nymi Band within Bluetooth range.

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