NFC support

Near Field Communication (NFC) is the wireless technology that allows users to tap the Nymi Band against an NFC reader to gain access to locked terminals or provide an e-signature without typing their corporate credentials. The Nymi Connected Worker Platform Release Notes provides more information about supported NFC readers.

Using the NFC Reader

Connect the NFC reader into the USB port of a user terminal (the terminal must have Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint installed). The Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint automatically detects the NFC reader. A Nymi Band user taps the Nymi Band against the NFC Reader to indicate the intent to perform an operation. A user is granted or denied the ability to perform the intended action, based on the policies that are defined in the AD. For example, a user can tap an authenticated Nymi Band on an NFC Reader that is attached to a user terminal and unlock their Windows session.

Multiple Reader Support

The Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint monitors all attached and supported NFC readers and forwards events from all NFC readers (there is no preference between readers).

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