Bluetooth Adapter Placement

The enrollment terminal and each user terminal requires a Bluetooth adapter. The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio antenna in the Nymi-supplied BLED112 USB Adapter provides seamless Bluetooth capability between the Nymi Band and devices such as a laptop computer.

To ensure optimal system performance, place the Bluetooth adapter in a location that meets the following criteria:

  • Is in clear line of sight to the Nymi Band.
  • Is on the same side of the computer that you wear your Nymi Band.
  • Is near the computer keyboard.
Note: The presence of liquids between the Nymi Band and Bluetooth adapter negatively affects the Bluetooth signal quality. This includes beverages and the human body. If Bluetooth (BLE) taps behave unexpectedly, consider another placement for the Bluetooth adapter, or edit the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint configuration file to adjust the signal strength thresholds to perform a BLE tap (see Edit the nbe.toml File).

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