Nymi Band Enrollment Process

Nymi Band Enrollment Process

Enrollment is the process of associating the identity of a user with a Nymi Band. An administrator is not strictly required to be present while a new user enrolls a new Nymi Band; however, for security purposes, a corporate policy might require supervision.

The enrollment process performs the following actions:

  1. Assigns the Nymi Band to the enterprise by retrieving the device ID from the Nymi Band and storing it in the Nymi Enterprise Server (NES) database. When the assigning process completes, the Nymi Band is assigned to the enterprise.
  2. Creates a fingerprint template on the Nymi Band by capturing a template of the fingerprint of the user and storing the template securely on the Nymi Band. When the creation process completes, the Nymi Band is linked to the user and the user is authenticated to the Nymi Band. Only the Active Directory (AD) username of the user and the associated Nymi Band information are stored in the (NES database.
    Note: The Nymi Band securely stores the fingerprint template. The fingerprint template is never transmitted outside of protected memory.

The Nymi Connected Worker Platform provides an additional method of authentication called a corporate credential authenticator. If the enterprise policy permits it, the Nymi Band Application creates a corporate credential authenticator in addition to the fingerprint authenticator. With a corporate credential authenticator, the Nymi Band trusts the enterprise to validate the user credentials, such as an AD username and password, before bringing the Nymi Band into an authenticated state.

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