Configuring Check User Status

Perform the following steps to configure NES to provide the status of a user in active directory to a NEA.

  1. Log in to the NES Administrator Console with an account that is an NES Administrator.
  2. From the navigation bar, select Policies.
    The Policies page appears with a table that displays a list of existing group and individual policies.
  3. In the Policies window, select the active policy.
  4. In the Active Directory section, select the Check User Status option.
    The following options appear to customize the active directory user check.
    Option Description
    Cache User Status
    • Allows NES to cache the status of a user for the time defined in the Cache Expiry option.
    • Default: enabled
    • When this option is enabled, NES contacts AD on the first user status request and stores the results in cache. When an NEA request the status again, NES retrieves the status from cache.
    • When this option is disabled, NES does not cache the status of users and requires NES to check the status of users every time NES receives a request from the NEA.

      When you clear this option, the Cache Expiry option disappears.

    Cache Expiry
    • Defines the length of time that the status of the user remains valid in cache.
    • Default: 15 mins
    • When NES receives a status request from an NEA, and the length of time that the user status has been stored in cache exceeds the cache expiry value, NES contacts AD for the user status and stores the results in cache again.

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