Manage Individual User Policies

After deploying NES, two individual user policies are available.

When you add users to these policies the user experiences the following behaviour:

  • Liveness Detection Disabled - Biometric authentication of the Nymi Band only validates that there is a fingerprint match and does not perform a liveness check.
  • Corporate Credentials Authentication - Biometric authentication and corporate credential authentication is supported authentication. To authenticate a Nymi Band by corporate credentials, the user logs into the Nymi Band Application with their username and password, while wearing their unauthenticated Nymi Band. Customizing the Nymi Band Authentication Method provide more information about using Corporate Credentials Authentication.
Note: When a user is assigned to an individual policy, the configuration values in the individual policy take precedence over the value defined for the same configuration attribute in the active group policy.

Use the NES Administrator Console to create, and delete, and add users to an NES individual user policy.

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