Configuring Unverified NFC Readers

This section provides information about how to configure NFC readers that have not been verified by Nymi for use with the Connected Worker Platform.

  1. Plug the new NFC reader into a computer with the Nymi Band Application. Windows will automatically install drivers for the NFC reader.
  2. After Windows installs the new drivers for the NFC reader on the computer, start the Nymi Band Application.
  3. On the Login screen, press Control + Shift + Alt +F10. On some systems you must also press the Fn (function) key.
  4. In the list of supported and NFC-detected NFC readers, the new reader will appear with a green plug beside it. Copy exactly the name of the NFC reader. If you do not see the reader, make sure that the device appears in Device Manager and that the driver download has completed successfully.
  5. Edit the nfc-readers.json file in the C:\users\Public\AppData\Nymi\unlock directory.
  6. Add an entry for the new reader by performing the following steps:
    1. At the end of the second last } add a , (comma).
    2. Add a new line and an {
    3. Add a new line and then type the name of the NFC reader as it appeared in the Nymi Band Application.
    4. Add a new line and then }
  7. Save the file.

The following entry is an example of the HID Omnikey 5025CL reader on Windows 10:

                     "supportedReader" : "Omnikey 5x25"

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