Authentication After Enrollment

Each time that a user removes an authenticated Nymi Band from their wrist, the Nymi Band deauthenticates. For day-to-day usage of the Nymi Band, each time a user puts on the Nymi Band, the user must authenticate their identity to the Nymi Band.

Depending on the defined policy, users authenticate by using one of the following methods, while the Nymi Band is on their wrist:

  • By biometrics (fingerprint and optionally liveness detection)—With the Nymi Band on their wrist, the user holds their finger on the fingerprint sensor. The Nymi Band verifies that the fingerprint matches the fingerprint template that is securely stored on the Nymi Band and by default detects liveness.
  • By corporate credentials (if a credential authenticator was created)—The user logs into the Nymi Band Application by using their corporate credentials as authentication and, when validation succeeds, the Nymi Band Application puts the Nymi Band into an authenticated state.

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