Customizing Connected Worker Platform to support NEAs that check AD status

The Nymi SDK allows vendors to customize applications that support the Nymi Band to complete authentication tasks.

NEAs can to respond to a request to perform an authentication task with the Nymi Band, based on the status of the account for the user in AD. For example, if a user performs an NFC tap to complete an e-sign off, and user’s active directory password has expired, the e-sign off attempt does not complete.

By default, the option to support a check of the user status is disabled. If the NEA vendor programatically enables the NEA to check the status of a user in Active Directory before completing an authentication task with the Nymi Band, update the active policy to enable NES to provide NEAs with the status of a user account in Active Directory, and optionally customize the frequency with which NES contacts AD.

When you enable the option in the NES policy to determine the status of a user in AD, upon the first request for the status of a user, NES contacts AD for the information and returns the result to the NEA.

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