Configuring Nymi Lock Control

Configuring Nymi Lock Control

Perform the following steps to enable and configure Nymi Lock Control.

By default Nymi Lock Control is not enabled.
  1. Log in to the NES Administrator Console with an account that is an NES Administrator.
  2. From the navigation bar, select Policies.
    The Policies page appears with a table that displays a list of existing group and individual policies.
  3. In the Policies window, select the active policy.
  4. In the Lock Control section, select the Enable Nymi Lock Control option.
    The following options appear to customize Nymi Lock Control.
    Option Description
    Lock When Away
    • Configure Lock Control with the ability to lock the terminal when the user moves away.
    • Default: Enabled
    • When enabled, Nymi Lock Control to lock the user terminal when a user removes an authenticated Nymi Band, or when the Nymi Band is not in close proximity of the user terminal for at least 30 seconds. When the Nymi Band is out of range, a 10 second timer appears on the desktop. If the Nymi Band does not return within close range of the user terminal, the terminal will lock.
    Note: Edit the nbe.toml file to define close proximity for Nymi Lock Control. Refer to Editing the nbe.toml File.
    Unlock When Present
    • Configures Lock Control to check if the Nymi Band is in close proximity before unlocking the terminal. If not, then unlock fails. You can define how close the Nymi Band must be to the terminal to allow the user to unlock the terminal with the Nymi Band in the nbe.toml file.
    • Default: Enabled
    • When enabled, prevents an unauthorized user from unlocking the user terminal while the Nymi Band user is in Bluetooth range, but not in close proximity to the terminal.
    • When disabled, allows a user to unlock the terminal by pressing the Enter key or space bar on the keyboard when the authenticated Nymi Band is within Bluetooth range, but not in close proximity of the user terminal.
    Keep Unlocked when Present
    • Provides you with the ability to define how the Nymi Band interacts with operating system screen timeouts or sleep settings that lock the terminal.
    • Default: Enabled
    • When enabled, overrides any system screen timeouts or sleep settings, and keeps the user terminal unlocked as long as the Nymi Band is present and authenticated.
    • When disabled, prevents Nymi Lock Control from overriding any system screen timeouts or sleep settings.
  5. Click Save.
During enrollment the Nymi Band Application updates the Nymi Band to enable Nymi Lock Control support.

Changing this option does not change the Nymi Band behaviour for existing enrolled Nymi Bands until the user logs into the Nymi Band Application while wearing their authenticated Nymi Band.

When the Nymi Band Application updates on the Nymi Band completes, restart Nymi Lock Control.

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