Capturing the Fingerprint

Capturing the Fingerprint

To uniquely identify a user as the owner of the Nymi Band, the enrollment process captures a fingerprint image on the Nymi Band and stores it as a fingerprint template. The fingerprint template never leaves the Nymi Band. The Nymi Band can only be assigned to one individual.

To increase the success of the fingerprint capture process, ensure that the fingerprint sensor on the Nymi Band is clean and dry. Additionally, ensure that the finger that the user uses:

  • Is placed on the sensor only when prompted
  • Is lifted from the sensor only when prompted
  • Is placed on the middle of the sensor and covers as much of the sensor as possible
  • Is motionless on the sensor, while the sensor is capturing the image

Instruct the user to performs the following steps to create a fingerprint template on the Nymi Band.

  1. Read the information on the Capture Fingerprint page.
    The following figure provides an example of the Capture Fingerprint page.
    Figure 1. Capture Fingerprint
  2. Click Start.
    The following figure provides an example of the Capture Fingerprint page after the user clicks Start.
    Figure 2. Capture Fingerprint In Progress
  3. When the Fingerprint icon to appear on the Nymi Band screen, as shown in the following image, place their finger on the fingerprint sensor and the fingerprint bezel that surrounds the sensor.
    Figure 3. FINGERPRINT
  4. When the LIFT FINGER message appears on the screen, lift their finger from the sensor and bezel.
    When the TOUCH SENSOR message appears on the screen, place their finger on the sensor and bezel.

    The following figures show the LIFT FINGER and TOUCH SENSOR messages.

    Figure 4. LIFT FINGER
    Figure 5. TOUCH SENSOR
  5. Repeat the steps to lift their finger and touch the sensor and bezel, as prompted.
    Figure 6. Success

    When the Nymi Band fingerprint capture process completes, the results differ depending on the active group policy assigned through the NES Administrator Console. If the Band Label feature is enabled, users are prompted to assign the Band Label to their Nymi Band, as described in the next section.

    If the Band Label feature is disabled, the enrollment is completed after policy settings are applied. The Nymi Band vibrates twice quickly and a success message appears.

    Note: The Nymi Band does not vibrate if the Haptic Feedback on Nymi Bands is not enabled for the user or active group policy.

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