Completing Enrollment

When the enrollment completes successfully, the Success page appears with a message that the enrollment succeeded and the Nymi Band is authenticated to the user.

The following figure provides an example of the Success page when enrollment completed successfully.

Figure 1. Success

Click Sign out. The Nymi Band is authenticated and ready for use by the user.

The enrollment process sends information about the user and the Nymi Band, such as serial number to the NES. You can search for the information about the Nymi Band that is associated with the user. Searching for User or Nymi Band Information provides more information.
Note: After enrollment, Nymi recommends that each user authenticate to the Nymi Band 10 times with success. If the number of authentication attempts that are required to get 10 successful authentications exceeds 15, review the information in the Nymi Connected Worker Platform—Troubleshooting Guide for more information about how to troubleshoot Nymi Band authentication issues.

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