Using the Nymi Application

The Nymi Application allows you to perform authentication tasks, such as e-signatures by tapping the Nymi Band on the iPad.

When a user launches a web-based Nymi-enabled Application (NEA) and performs an authentication task, the Nymi Application appears on the screen and prompts the user to tap their Nymi Band to complete the operation. The following figure show the Nymi Application window.

Figure 1. Nymi Application
Note: The Nymi Application might reference a different company name instead of nymi.

If the Nymi Application detects that a configuration issue, a status panel appears in the lower left corner of the screen and displays the problem to the user. The following figure provides an example of the status panel when the Nymi Application cannot access Bluetooth adapter

Figure 2. Nymi Application - Cannot Access Bluetooth Adapter

The Nymi Application waits about 10 seconds for the user to tap their Nymi Band. If user does not tap the Nymi Band and the request times out, the Nymi Application prompts the user to retry or cancel, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 3. Nymi Application Timeout

When the tap operation completes successfully, the Nymi Application prompts the user to tap the application link on the navigation bar to return to the web-based NEA.

Figure 4. Nymi Application Success

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