Customize Band Label

By default, the Band Label displays the corporate username for the user. When the customize option is enabled, the user can create a customized Band Label of up to 12 characters.

Instruct the user to perform the following steps to customize the Band Label.
  1. In the Band Label field, type the label to display on the Nymi Band.
    Supported Band Labels:
    • Contain a maximum 12 characters
    • Contain a combination of alphanumeric characters (all alpha characters display in uppercase on the Nymi Band)
    • Contain a combinations of the following characters including spaces: A-Z, 0-9 and & ! " # $ % ' ( ) * + , . - \ / : ; < > = ? @ [ ] { } | ^ _ ` ~
    • Do not contain leading or trailing spaces.
    Note: When unsupported characters are included in the Band Label, they display as questions marks "?" on the Nymi Band screen when the enrollment process completes.
    The following figure provides an example of the Customize Band Label page when unsupported characters are entered.
    Figure 1. Custom Band Label Unsupported Characters
  2. Review the Band Label in the Band Label preview.
  3. Make any necessary modifications in the Band Label field.
  4. Click Next, to save the Band Label and to proceed with the enrollment process.
    Figure 2. Custom Band Label Configuration

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