Tapping the Nymi Band

Many uses for the Nymi Band involve tapping it to a compatible BLE adapter or NFC reader to perform a task.

Note: The section Editing the nbe.toml File in the Nymi Connected Worker Platform—Deployment Guide provides information about how to configure BLE tap.

Tips for tapping your Nymi Band

  • For tapping to work, users must first authenticate their identity to the Nymi Band. If the screen on the Nymi Band is blank, press any button on the Nymi Band to wake it from sleep. If the screen remains blank, users need to charge the Nymi Band. If the screen displays the fingerprint image, users need to authenticate their identity.
  • Users do not need to touch the face of the Nymi Band directly to the reader. Keep it just above the surface of the NFC reader (approximately 1 cm) or BLE adapter (within 10 cm).
  • If tapping fails, move the Nymi Band away from the reader (30 cm or more) and then try again.
  • Users may need to adjust the tapping speed. It should take approximately 1 second to move the Nymi Band towards and away from the reader.

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