User Details Page

When you select a user in the User Search Results page, the User Details page appears, which provides information about user account settings.

The following figure provides an example of the User Details window.

Figure 1. User Details Page
Table 1. User Details Summary
Field Description
Serial Number Provides the serial number of the Nymi Band.
Is Active Displays Active when the Nymi Band is active, and is blank when the Nymi Band is disabled.
Is Primary Displays Primary when the user has at least one Nymi Band assigned, and the Nymi Band is the primary Nymi Band. Appears empty when the Nymi Band is a temporary Nymi Band.
Notes Displays an informative message about the Nymi Band that was supplied by the administrator.
Created Displays the date that the Nymi Band was registered to the user or the date that an Administrator first searched for a user.
Disconnect Deletes the Nymi Band association with the user. Use this option to disassociate the Nymi Band from a user as a part of the Delete User Data process.

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