Searching for Individual User Policy Membership

The Search page enables NES Administrators to display all users that are a member of an individual user policy.

  1. From the NES Administrator Console, select Search.
    The Search page appears.
  2. In the Search page, select the Individual User Policy option.
  3. From the policy list, select the Individual User Policy, and then click Search.
The Search Results window appears with a list of users. By default, the search results display 10 individual user policies. The Individual User Policy column displays the name of the individual policy that is assigned to a user. If a user is not assigned to an individual user policy, none[group policy applied] appears. Use the navigation controls to move between the pages of users and the list box to change the number of users to display on the pane to 20 or 50 per page. The following figure provides an example of the Search Results window.
Figure 1. Individual User Policy Search Results

The search results include information about the status of the application of a policy to a user. There are four status types:

  • No active Nymi Band—The user does not have an active Nymi Band.
  • Pending—The policy on the Nymi Band does not match the policy (individual user policy or global policy) that is applied to the user. For example, the policy was applied to the user after enrollment, and the user has not signed into the Nymi Band Application while wearing their authenticated Nymi Band to activate the policy changes.
    Note: CWP 1.1 is the minimum firmware version that supports the ability to configure liveness detection. If you disable liveness detection in the NES group policy or an individual user policy and the Nymi Band firmware does not support configurable liveness detection, the policy status for the Nymi Band remains in the "Pending" state.
  • Active—The policy on the Nymi Band matches the policy (individual user policy or global policy) that is applied to the user.
  • Information unavailable—Enrollment occurred on an earlier version of Nymi Band Application that does not support the policy status features. Individual policy support starts with the CWP 1.3 Nymi Band Application.

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