Windows User Terminal Log Files

Nymi Runtime is installed on the user terminals in the environment. The Nymi Runtime includes the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint and Nymi Agent services.

  • The Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint log file (nymi_bluetooth_endpoint.log) is located in C:\Nymi\Bluetooth_Endpoint\logs folder.
  • The Nymi Agent log file (nymi_agent.log) is located in the C:\Nymi\NymiAgent folder.

In some configurations, for example, in RDP and Citrix Environments, the configuration uses a centralized Nymi Agent. In this configuration, the nymi_bluetooth_endpoint.log is on the user terminal and the nymi_agent.log file is located on remote machine, on which the Nymi Agent is installed.

To enable debug mode for the Nymi Runtime services, create a system environment variable named NYMI_DEBUG with a non-zero value, and then restart the Nymi services.

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