Adding Database Logins

The Database window enables you to configure settings that apply to the database. In the Connection String area, if the connection uses Integrated Security and the Security property is set to True, you can add Database Logins.

To add a new user perform the following steps:

  1. In an empty row of the Manage Database Logins table, right-click and select Add. The Select User Credentials window appears.
  2. From the Login Type drop-down list, select Auditor or User.
    • Auditor – Provides the database user with read-only access to the database
    • User – Provide the database user with full control access to the database
  3. In the Domain Account field, type the domain name followed by the user account or group account.
    Note: Ensure that a backslash separates the domain and account user or group.
  4. In the Database User field, type the name of the database user.
  5. Click OK.
  6. On the Database page, click the Verify Users button to ensure that the new user is valid. The Database Login is added to the Manage Database Logins area. This Database Login is added to the SQL database when you are finished configuring the NES Setup Wizard. Proceed to the Install tab, and and press Install or Upgrade.

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