Certificate Management

This section provides information about managing L2 and TLS certificates, including how to determine the expiration date of the certificates and how to renew the L2 certificate..

The NES L2 certificate needs to be renewed before expiration. If the L2 certificate has expired, NEA token renewal is not possible and results in service disruption.

The NES TLS server certificate also needs to be renewed before expiration. If this certificate has expired, most Nymi services cease to operate. Customers are responsible for renewing the NES TLS server certificate.

During NES installation, the expiration date of all of these certificates is recorded. The certificates should be renewed before their expiration date (e.g., 2-4 weeks) to ensure continuity of service.

Note: The certificates mentioned above do not all expire on the same date. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to keep track of expiration dates for all certificates.

Typical certificate expiration dates are:

  • L2 certificate: varies
  • NES TLS certificate: varies

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