Confirming Nymi Lock Control Recognizes the Nymi Band

Confirming Nymi Lock Control Recognizes the Nymi Band

After a user enrolls their Nymi Band, perform the following steps on a user terminal to confirm that Nymi Lock Control recognizes the Nymi Band user.

To confirm Nymi Lock Control Recognizes the Nymi Band, the Nymi Band user performs the following steps:

  1. Log into the user terminal with your username and password
    Note: Nymi Lock Control will NOT detect changes to a user's corporate credentials in the Nymi Band. If a user changes their corporate credentials or the password has expired while Nymi Lock Control is enabled, Nymi Lock Control will not unlock the terminal. To update the Nymi Band with the encrypted password, the user must first sign into the Nymi Band Application and re-authenticate their Nymi Band. Refer to Resetting an Expired Password for information on resetting an expired password.
  2. From the system tray, hover over the Nymi Lock Control icon.
    When Nymi Lock Control detects the Nymi Band, the icon displays a green checkmark.

    Hover text also appears to indicate that the Nymi Band is present.

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