Removing the Nymi Band

Removing the Nymi Band

When their shift ends, the user should remove and safely store their Nymi Band.

Nymi recommends that the user charges their Nymi Band at the end of each shift. When the user removes the Nymi Band, it vibrates once to indicate that deauthentication has occurred.

Note: The Nymi Band does not vibrate if the Haptic Feedback on Nymi Bands is not enabled for the user or active group policy.
Figure 1. Deauthentication with Band Label enabled
Figure 2. Deauthentication with Band Label disabled

When the user places the Nymi Band on their wrist again, the screen displays the fingerprint icon. The user cannot perform any tasks with the Nymi Band until they authenticate their identity. See the section Authenticating User Identity to the Nymi Band for information about how the user can re-authenticate to the Nymi Band.

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