Searching for User or Nymi Bands Information

The Search page enables Administrators to search the NES database for information about users, individual user policy membership, or Nymi Bands.

Searching for Nymi Band information is particular useful for:

  • locating a specific Nymi Band during inventory
  • disassociating a user from a Nymi Band
  • locating the user of a misplaced Nymi Band

The Search page provides Administrators with two types of search options:

  • Users - Search for Active Directory users that are in the domain(s) managed by NES and display information about the Nymi Band(s) that are assigned to the user account
  • Nymi Bands - Search for Nymi Band details by using the Nymi Band serial number
  • Individual User Policies - Search for users that are a member of an individual user policy or are not a member of any individual user policy.

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