Searching for Nymi Bands

Searching for Nymi Bands

The Search page enables NES Administrators to search by a serial number for an enrolled Nymi Band.

  1. From the NES Administrator Console, select Search.
    The Search page appears.
  2. In the Search page, select the Nymi Bands option.
  3. In the Search field, type the serial number of the Nymi Band (located on the back of the Nymi Band).
  4. Click Search.
    The following figure provides an example of the Search page when searching by the Nymi Band serial number.
    Figure 1. Nymi Band Search Results Page
    By default, the search results display 10 Nymi Bands. Use the navigation controls to move between the pages of Nymi Bands and the list box to change the number of users to display on the pane to 20 or 50 per page
  5. Do one of the following:
    • In the returned search list, click the Domain\username link. The User Details page displays with the user's information.
    • In the returned search list, click the Serial Number link. The Nymi Band details page displays with information about a Nymi Band.

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