Disconnecting the Nymi Band from a user in NES

Disconnecting the Nymi Band from a user in NES

Disconnecting the Nymi Band that is associated with a user prevents the user from using the Nymi Band for authentication tasks, but the user can continue to authenticate to the Nymi Band until you perform a Delete User Data process on the Nymi Band.

Note: In this release, if you disconnect a Nymi Band for a user, you lose the ability to gather historical information about Nymi Band usage from the NES database.

Perform the following steps in the NES Administrator Console to disconnect the Nymi Band that is registered to a user.

  1. In the NES Administrator Console, select Search.
  2. In the Search page, select the Users Option.
  3. In the Search field, type the full or partial username, first name, or last name of the user.
  4. Click Search. The Search page displays the user, or a list of users that match the search criteria.
  5. Select the Domain\username link of the user to open the User Details page.
  6. In the Nymi Band table, to the right of the Nymi Band that you want to delete, click Disconnect. On the Disconnect page, scroll down and then click Disconnect.
  7. On the Disconnect screen, scroll to the bottom and select Disconnect.

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