Nymi Lock Control Log Files

Nymi Lock Control creates log files for security and troubleshooting purposes.

To enable debug mode for Nymi Lock Control , create a system environment variable named NYMI_DEBUG with a non-zero value, and then restart the Nymi services.

Security log

The C:\Users\Public\AppData\Nymi\unlock\Log\credential-provider.log file contains a record of the time and result of each authentication attempt on the user terminal.

Collecting log files and contacting support

To quickly create a zip file of the Nymi Lock Control log files that you can send to Nymi Support, perform the following steps:

  1. Right-click the Nymi Lock Control icon on the system tray and select Contact Nymi Support.
  2. On the Include Logs? window, click Yes.
  3. On the Nymi Support page, log in with your Nymi Support account.
  4. On the Nymi Support page, click Submit a Request, and then in the drop-down, select Technical Issue.
  5. Fill in the appropriate details, and in the Attachments section, click Add file.
  6. Navigate to the C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Nymi\unlock\ZipLog folder, and then select the zip file.

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