Nymi Support Tool

The Nymi Support Tool enables you to collect log information and generate a zip file that Nymi can review for troubleshooting purposes. The following logs and information is collected: NES Installation log files, Windows event logs, NES log files and NES instance configuration files.

Follow these steps to generate a log zip file.

  1. On NES server, double-click ..\nes_installation_folder\NesSystemInfo\NymiSupportTool.exe.
    The User Account Control dialog box appears.
    Figure 1. The User Account Control
  2. On the User access control window, click Yes to start the script.
  3. On the Save As window, click Save to accept the default zip file name and location. By default the name of the zip file is the server hostname and the default directory is the Documents folder for the user running the command.
    Figure 2. Saving Nymi Support Tool zip
The zip file contains the following files and directory structure:
  • InstallLogs\NESg2.Installer - Folder that contains the logs files that were created during the NES installation.
  • inetsrv\Config - Folder that contains the applicationHost.config, which contains IIS configuration information.
  • NesInstances\nes_instance_name - Folder that contains the IIS web.config files for the NES Authentication Service, Enrollment Service and Directory Service, and info.txt file that contains path and version information for each service..
  • EventLogs - Folder that contains the Windows Event log files on the NES server.
  • SysInfo.txt - File that contains information about the configuration of the NES server.
  • SupportTool.log - Log file that contains the output of the NymiSupportTool.exe command.

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