Firmware Log Retrieval

To retrieve logs from the Nymi Band, perform the following steps:

  1. Place the Nymi Band on the charger and move the Nymi Band and charger close to the BLE radio antenna on the terminal (BLED112 adapter). This will ensure the logs are retrieved from the correct Nymi Band.
  2. Download and extract the firmware package into a directory of your choice on a Windows computer. For example, C:\Nymi_firmware.
  3. If the Windows machine has the Nymi Band Application installed on it, stop the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint service.
  4. Navigate to the C:\nymi_firmware\build\exe.win32-2.7 directory.
  5. Run the nsp_logs_download.exe. A command prompt window opens with the status of the log file download. When the download completes, the command window closes and the firmware log file is saved to the folder that contains the nsp_logs_download.exe file.
    Note: The log files from the Nymi Band are encrypted. Provide the log file to your Nymi Solution Consultant.

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