Authenticate to your Nymi Band

This message appears when logging into the Nymi Band Application to complete enrollment of your Nymi Band or to authenticate by using corporate credentials.

The following figure shows this error message.

Figure 1. Cannot find your Nymi Band


This error can appear for the one of the following reasons:

  • The user that logged into the Nymi Band Application is associated with a Nymi Band, but the Nymi Band Application cannot detect the Nymi Band.
  • The Delete User Data process was performed on the Nymi Band, but the Nymi Band is still associated with a user account in NES.


To resolve this issue, perform one of the following actions

  • Wear the Nymi Band and authenticate. The error message disappears.
  • An NES Administrator must Log in to the NES Administrator Console and perform the following steps to delete the Nymi Band association with the user.
    1. Edit the user account that is associated with the Nymi Band.
    2. Delete the Nymi Band association.
    3. Ask the user to attempt to enroll the Nymi Band again.

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