Cannot make a secure https connection to NES Administrator Console

When you cannot make a secure HTTPS connection to the NES Administrator Console, you will see issues like the following:

  • When you type the HTTPS URL for the NES web application in a web browser, you cannot establish a secure connection, as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 1. Cannot establish a secure connection to NES
  • When you click the Sign in button, a window appears, which states that your connection is not private, and the error NET::ERR_CER_AUTHORITY_INVALID appears, as shown in the following figure.

    If you click on the Advanced button, and then click on the link to proceed to the web page, you can successfully log into the NES Administrator Console.


This behaviour occurs when the network terminal that you used to connect to the NES Administrator Console does not have the root certificate for the trusted root Certificate Authority installed as a trusted root.


Import the root certificate into the Trusted Root Certificate Authority store. See Importing root certificates for more information.

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