User Cannot Complete Authentication Tasks with the Nymi Band

When a user performs a Nymi Band tap in a Nymi-enabled Application(NEA), the authentication task does not complete.

The following messages appear in the nymi_api.log file:

                INFO - Successfully got an NEA certificate from server.
                INFO - Successfully stored NEA certificate.
                ERROR - NSL: nsl_verify_nea_cert_chain, 2238, 14
                ERROR - Error: ErrorWithMessage { error: MissingCerts, specifics: "NEA certificate chain is missing or invalid." }
                    INFO - sending update to nea {"operation":"init","exchange":"0","status":8000,"payload":{},"error":{"error_description":"NEA missing certificates.","error_specifics":"NEA certificate chain is missing or invalid."}}


Nymi issues two types of L2 certificates, a gold version (for Production customers) and a bronze version (for internal development and troubleshooting). Nymi creates separate components for each certificate type.

Error number 14, which appears in the first error message in the nymi_api.log file indicates that there is a mismatch between the version of a Nymi component and the L2 certificate that Nymi Enterprise Server(NES) uses.


Contact Nymi to confirm that each component (NES, Nymi SDK, and the Nymi Band Application) is appropriate for the L2 certificate that Nymi issued for NES.

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