Replacing the L1 and L2 Certificates

The Nymi solution requires L1 and L2 certificates to support secure communications. Nymi delivers the L1 and L2 certificates in a fullchain PKCS12 file, which has an expiration date. You must replace the certificates before the expiration date, to continue to use the Nymi solution.

The PKCS12 file (fullchain.p12) contains the following key and certificates.

  • L1 certificate
  • L2 certificate
  • L2 private key
Note: Nymi provides these file in a zip file that is protected by a password. Nymi provides the password to you separately from the file package.
Perform the following steps to replace the certificates:
  • Delete the existing L1 and L2 certificates.
  • Importing the Nymi-provided full chain certificate.
  • Provide the Application Pool Identity account with access to the private key.
  • Restart the IIS.

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