Moving the L2 Certificate

Perform the following steps to move the L2 certificate from the Personal store to the Intermediate Certification store.

  1. Expand Intermediate Certification > Certificates and then move the NES L2 CA certificate from Personal > Certificates to the Intermediate Certification > Certificates
    You can move the file by dragging and dropping it from one folder to the other folder.
  2. In Intermediate Certification > Certificates, verify that the NES L2 CA certificate has a key.
    When the L2 certificate has a key, a key symbol displays in the upper-left corner of the L2 certificate icon.
  3. Record the expiration date of the NES L2 CA certificate ( shown in the Expiration Date column) in the Certificate Expiration Dates table, that was provided in the Nymi Connected Worker Platform—Deployment Guide.
  4. Close the certlm window.

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