BLE Tap Doesn't Work

When you tap your Nymi Band to the BLED112 adapter a tap intent is initiated. BLE taps cannot occur if the BLE radio antenna in the BLED112 adapter does not receive a strong signal from the Nymi Band.


  • The BLED112 adapter is defective.
  • The nbe.toml file is configured incorrectly.
  • There is no clear line-of-sight, or there are objects between the BLE radio antenna and the Nymi Band. Objects will reduce the signal strength received by the antenna.
  • The Nymi Band is too far away.
  • The Nymi Band is moved away from the BLE radio antenna too quickly.


  1. Ensure you are tapping the Nymi Band near the BLE radio antenna on the BLED112 adapter.
  2. If a BLED112 adapter is used, check that the BLED112 adapter is inserted into a functional USB port. Insert the adapter into another USB port if the port is defective.
  3. Go to C:\Nymi\Bluetooth_Endpoint and check the rssi_tap_threshold parameter in the nbe.toml file. The RSSI value should be a non-zero, negative number. Nymi recommends a value around -42. If this value is 0, BLE tap is disabled.
  4. Restart Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint on the terminal by going to the Services application (type "services" in the Windows Start menu). Right-click Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint and click Restart.
  5. If Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint is not available, re-install Nymi Runtime and ensure Nymi Agent is included in the installation. Nymi Agent will include Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint.

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