Unable to reach NES

Unable to reach NES. Please check your network connection and NES URL. Then restart the application. The NES URL in the registry at the following location.


This error occurs when opening the Nymi Band Application and under the following circumstances:

  • NES URL registry setting is not correct
  • Network connection issues are present
  • TLS certificate was not imported on the computer running NES


  1. Correct the NES URL by performing one of the following actions:
    • Create, if it does not already exist, the Group Policy registry key. See the Nymi Connected Worker Platform—Deployment Guide for more information.
    • Create, if it does not already exist, a local registry entry for the NES URL.
  2. Run regedit.
  4. Create a new key named Nymi.
  5. In the Nymi key, create a new key named NES.
  6. Right-click NES>, and then select New > String value.
  7. In the Name field, type URL.
  8. Right-click URL and select Modify.
  9. In the Value Data field, type https://nes_servername/nes_service_name/


    • nes_servername is the hostname of the NES server
    • nes_service_name is the service mapping name for the NES web application
  10. Click OK.
  11. Ensure that network connectivity exists between the network terminal and the NES host.
  12. Import the TLS certificate on the network terminal. See the Nymi Connected Worker Platform—Administration Guide for more information.

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