Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint is Missing (Nymi Band Application)

The error message appears after you log into the Nymi Band Application.

The nem.log file contains the following errors:

                NAPI READ: {"operation":"error","exchange":null,"status":5100,"payload":{},"error":{"error_description":"Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint is missing.","error_specifics":""}}
                INFO   Band service disconnected, error code: 5100

Cause 1

The Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint service is not started.

Resolution 1

From Services, select Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint and then click Start.

Cause 2

The Bluetooth adapter is not inserted into a usb port on the enrollment terminal.

Resolution 1

Insert the Bluetooth adapter into a USB port on the enrollment terminal. If the Bluetooth adapter was inserted into a USB port, remove the adapter and then reinsert the adapter, or use another USB port.

Cause 3

The Nymi Band Application connects to a centralized Nymi Agent and the load balancer has configured the Nymi Agent servers in Active/Active mode, which is an unsupported configuration. Multiple Nymi Agent services are handling requests for the same Nymi Band Application session.

The nymi_api.log file includes the following error messages:

                ERROR - serrec - Received error polling dongle: The device does not recognize the command. (os error 22)
                WARN - BGADAPTER: error on dongle reader thread: receiving on an empty and disconnected channel
                INFO - BLE Dongle removed. 
                ERROR - error terminating dongle polling thread: sending on a disconnected channel
                INFO - Polling thread joined 2023-04-10 12:58:55.271998700 INFO - Adapter status changed: StateResponse { state: "7" } 
                INFO - BLE Dongle connected. 

Resolution 3

On the load balancer, configure the Nymi Agent servers in Active/Standy mode.

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