Known Issues with Windows 7

The following table summarizes known issues when using Nymi Lock Control and Nymi Credential Provider on Windows 7 user terminals.

Table 1. Known issue with Windows 7
Issue Workaround
Only one NFC reader can be plugged in at a time. More than one will cause failures. n/a
User cannot tap to unlock the user terminal on the Login screen. If the Windows screen displays Press CTRL-ALT-DEL, then the user must perform the key sequence before attempting to tap to log in with Nymi Lock Control.
The Nymi user tile shown may show a different user than the last logged in user. None. Regardless of which user tile appears on screen, when a user taps to log in, they will be logged into the correct account.
In some rare instances, the Windows login screen may become unresponsive. If the login screen does not recover automatically within a couple of minutes, the user might have to restart the user terminal.
User cannot unlock the user terminal with their Nymi Band immediately after hibernate mode on Microsoft Surface tablets. After exiting hibernation mode, log in with a username and password. Subsequent attempts to lock and unlock with the Nymi Band will succeed.

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