Troubleshooting Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication between the Nymi Band and the user terminal requires a BLE radio antenna via Nymi-provided BLED112 adapter. The solution presented in this section cover issues resulting from irregular BLE adapter placement and fluctuations in received signal strength indication (RSSI) values.

BLE functionality using a BLED112 adapter requires Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint. Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint is included with the installation of Nymi Runtime.

A Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint configuration file (nbe.toml) is provided with the installation of Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint and is located in C:\Nymi\Bluetooth_Endpoint. The nbe.toml contains default values for the received signal strength indication (RSSI) required to perform an action, such as tapping with the Nymi Band. Refer to Edit the nbe.toml File in the Nymi Connected Worker Platform—Administration Guide for more information. Refer to Editing the nbe.toml File for guidance on configuring the Bluetooth sensitivity for BLE tap and Nymi Lock Control.

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