Troubleshooting Nymi Lock Control statuses

After you successfully log in, a Nymi Lock Control icon appears in the system tray. When you hover over the icon, the Nymi Lock Control status appears, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. Nymi Lock Control Band is Present status

The following table provides more information about the statuses that can appear.

Table 1. Nymi Lock Control Statuses and Resolutions
Message Cause Resolution
Band is absent Nymi Lock Control cannot detect an authenticated Nymi Band in the Bluetooth range.
  • Bring the Nymi Band closer to the terminal.
  • Wear and authenticate the Nymi Band
No active band
  • User that is currently logged into the terminal has not authenticated to a Nymi Band.
  • Nymi Band for the user is not active in NES.
  • Use Nymi Band Application to enroll the user with a Nymi Band.
  • Edit the properties of the user in NES and ensure that the Nymi Band is active for the user.
  • Ensure the NES active policy enables Lock Control.
Nymi Lock Control connection error
  • Nymi Lock Control cannot detect the Bluetooth adapter.
  • A Nymi service is not running.
  • Ensure that the operating system can detect the Bluetooth adapter.
  • Ensure that the Nymi Agent and Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint services are running.
Searching for band Nymi Lock Control is attempting to detect the Nymi Band. n/a
Getting band info Nymi Lock Control is starting and contacting NES to retrieve information about the user. n/a
Getting band info failed Nymi Lock Control cannot contact NES and the logged in user has not previously tapped to get access to the terminal.
  • Ensure that network connectivity exists between the terminal and the NES host.
  • Ensure that the NES host is powered on.
  • Ensure the terminal is on the same domain as NES.

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