Cannot connect to a Nymi Band. Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint is missing. Start the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint service or contact your administrator

This error message appears after you log in to the Nymi Band Application.

The following figure shows the error message.

Figure 1. Cannot Connect to a Nymi Band


This error message can appear for the following reasons:

  • The Bluetooth adapter is not plugged into the terminal.
  • The Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint service is not running or needs to be reset.
  • The Nymi Band Application is installed on a Citrix server or RDP session host, the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint is installed on the user terminal, but port 9120 was blocked.
  • The Enrollment Terminal is connecting to a remote Nymi Agent but the nbe.toml file is not configured with the location of the Nymi Agent.
  • The user is accessing the Nymi Band Application through an RDP connection but the RDP connection host (local user terminal) does not have the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint service running.


To resolve this issue, perform one of the following actions:

  • Plug or reseat the Bluetooth adapter into a free USB port.
  • Restart the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint service.
  • Configure the firewall to allow bidirectional communication over port 9120 between the Nymi Agent on the Citrix server and the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint on the user terminal.
  • Navigate to the C:\Nymi\Bluetooth_Endpoint directory. If an nbe.toml file exists, rename the file and then restart the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint service.
  • On the RDP connection host (local user terminal), install the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint and configure the nbe.toml file to specify the location of the Nymi Agent (Enrollment Terminal).

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