Cannot unlock terminal, something went wrong

A user cannot unlock the terminal with Nymi Lock Control tap and when attempting to login with Nymi Credential Provider, a message appears stating that "something went wrong".


  • User password has expired.
  • User password has changed in the Active Directory, and the change has not been reflected in NES.
  • No connection to NES.
  • Terminal is on a different domain from NES.


To resolve this issue, perform one of the following actions:
  1. If your password is expired, you will be prompted to change your password. Perform the following steps:
    1. Click OK.

      The Nymi Credential Provider window appears prompting the user for their password.

    2. Click the Sign-in option.
    3. Select the Key icon.
    4. Enter the current password for the user and then click OK.

      A message appears and states that the password has expired.

    5. Click OK. A window appears to update the password.
    6. In the Password field, type the current password.
    7. In the New password field, type a new password.
    8. In the Confirm password field, type the new password again.
    9. Press Enter.

      A message appears advising that the password has changed. Desktop appears.

    10. Log into the Nymi Band Application with your new credentials while wearing your authenticated Nymi Band.
  2. If the user terminal is not connected to NES, fix connectivity issues.
  3. If the user terminal is on a different domain from NES, put the user terminal on the NES domain.

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