Nymi Band Taps Populate the Username in the Evidian Window With a Device Identifier

When performing a Nymi Band tap on an Evidian window, the action populates the username field with an identifier, and the tap does not complete.

The following figure provides an example of an Evidian window with a device identifier in the username field.

If the user types their password in the Password field, and then click OK, the login fails with the following error: The authentication token has not been found in the directory.


This issue appears for the following reasons:
  • A non-Nymi device was in close proximity of the NFC reader at the time of the Nymi Band tap. The Evidian software detected the non-Nymi device and not the Nymi Band.
  • A user taps a Nymi Band that is not enrolled in the Evidian EAM Controller.
Note: This issue appears when you disable the Evidian self enrollment feature. See This badge is not assigned. To assign it, please type your username and password for the behaviour that appears you enable the self-enrollment feature and a user taps a non-Nymi device or a Nymi Band that is not enrolled in the Evidian EAM Controller.


To resolve this issue, perform the following actions:

  1. Move any non-Nymi device away from the NFC reader.
  2. Perform a Nymi Band tap.

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