LDAP server is not operational

This error appears when you perform an operation in the EAM console, such as adding a user account to the primary administrators list.

The WGSS log file contains the following errors:

                AdsiHandler.cpp          :8735:                  -> CAdsiHandler::GetAvailableServer
                AdsiHandler.cpp          :8751:                     [PING] No server is currently known as available
                WindowsTools.cpp         :2069:                     -> GetDCNameFromDomainName
                WindowsTools.cpp         :2092:                        Calling DsGetDcName with domain=xxx
                WindowsTools.cpp         :2119:                        Using additional DS_WRITABLE_REQUIRED flag to get a RWDC
                WindowsTools.cpp         :2128:                        Using flags: 1073812240
                WindowsTools.cpp         :2138:                       ::DsGetDcName returned: 0x0000054b
                WindowsTools.cpp         :2178:                     <- GetDCNameFromDomainName returned: 0x81020029
                AdsiHandler.cpp          :8765:                  <- CAdsiHandler::GetAvailableServer returned: 0x81020029
                AdsiHandler.cpp          :0234:               <- CAdsiHandler::Init returned: 0x81020029
                LdapBaseRequests.cpp     :3105:               -> CLdapBaseRequests::SetDirectoryNotAvailable
                LdapBaseRequests.cpp     :3222:                  [PING] An LDAP request failed on domain DC=xxx,DC=nymi,DC=com (directory server not reachable)
                LdapBaseRequests.cpp     :3124:               <- CLdapBaseRequests::SetDirectoryNotAvailable returned: 0x00000000
                LdapBaseRequests.cpp     :0592:            <- CLdapBaseRequests::LdapBaseInitEx returned: 0x81020029
                AutoLock.cpp             :0178:            CS Unlock(LdapBaseInitEx)
                AdsiHandler.cpp          :3137:         <- CAdsiHandler::OpenObjectDN returned: 0x81020029
                AdsiHandler.cpp          :4131:         Unable to open object DC=xxx,DC=nymi,DC=com, error: 0x81020029
                AdsiHandler.cpp          :4132:      <- CAdsiHandler::GetClassFromDN returned: 0x81020029
                FmkLdapBaseRequests.cpp  :1738:      ERROR: unable to find out the class of DC=xxx,DC=nymi,DC=com - 0x81020029
                FmkLdapBaseRequests.cpp  :1943:   <- CFmkLdapBaseRequests::InterpretCooperativeRequest returned: 0x81020029
                FmkLdapBaseRequests.cpp  :2288:<- CFmkLdapBaseRequests::Execute returned: 0x81020029


The DsGetDcName returned: 0x0000054b error indicates that the specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.


Correct DNS configuration issues.

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