The required anti-forgery cookie "__RequestVerificationToken_L25lcw2" is not present

This error message appears after you sign into NES Administrator Console.

The following figure provides an example of the error message.
Figure 1. The required anti-forgery cookie "__RequestVerificationToken_L25lcw2" is not present


This error appears because NES server is configured to use HTTP connections.


Perform the following actions to remove the requirement for anti-forgery cookies:
Note: Use Notepad++ or run Notepad as administrator to edit the files.
  1. Create a backup copy of the following files:
    • ..\inetpub\wwwroot\nes\NES\Web.Config
    • ..\inetpub\wwwroot\nes\NEnrollment\Web.Config
    • ..\inetpub\wwwroot\nes\AuthenticationService\Web.Config
  2. Edit each Web.Config file, and then perform the following steps:
    1. Search for the string httpCookies
    2. Comment out the line <httpCookies requireSSL="true" />.

      For example <!-- <httpCookies requireSSL="true" /> -->

    3. Save the file.
  3. Restart IIS.

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