Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint is Missing (Nymi Runtime)

The error message appears when the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint attempts to connect to the Nymi Agent.

The nymi_bluetooth_endpoint.log file contains the following errors:
 INFO - Joining new topic: #bluebox:www.xxx.yyy.zzz - {}
                        ERROR - Leaving channel: bluebox:www.xxx.yyy.zzz due to: "Channel already joined"
                        DEBUG - Replying to reference 1: Response { topic: "bluebox:www.xxx.yyy.zzz", reference: 
                        Some("1"), payload: Object {"response": Object {"reason": String("Channel already joined")}, "status": 
                        String("error")}, event: "phx_reply" }
                        DEBUG - Send okay: ()
                        ERROR - Error in run websocket reconnect loop: ChannelError(ChannelAlreadyJoined)
                        INFO - Attempting to reconnect to Agent at ws://hostname:9120/socket/websocket...
                        ERROR - Websocket connection closed with code: Error, and reason:
                        ERROR - Error sending WS disconnect event: sending on a closed channel

The nymi_agent.log file contains the following errors:

                Start Call: Phoenix.Channel.Server.start_link/?
                Restart: :temporary
                Shutdown: 5000
                Type: :worker
                  I -- CONNECT Smith.API.APISocket
                Transport: :websocket
                Connect Info: %{}
                Parameters: %{}
                 I -- Replied Smith.API.APISocket :ok
                 E -- #PID<0.12686.4> Tried to join existing bluebox:www.xxx.yyy.zzz
                    2024-02-16 08:54:42.147 E -- GenServer #PID<0.12686.4> terminating
                        ** (KeyError) key :bluebox_id not found in: %{}
                        (smith) lib/smith/api/channels/bluebox_channel.ex:57: anonymous fn/2 in Smith.API.BlueboxChannel.terminate/2
                        (logger) lib/logger.ex:867: Logger.normalize_message/2
                        (logger) lib/logger.ex:690: Logger.__do_log__/3
                        (smith) lib/smith/api/channels/bluebox_channel.ex:56: Smith.API.BlueboxChannel.terminate/2
                        Last message: {:join, Phoenix.Channel.Server}


Two user terminals have the same IP address.


Ensure that each user terminal has a unique IP address.

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