WebAPI does not start - Negotiate error: \"WinHTTPConnect returned null. GetLastError: 0\"

The error message appears in the nymi_agent.log file when the Nymi Agent starts. The Nymi Agent also stops running.

The nymi_agent.log file also contains the following messages:

 I -- Logging in to NES using Negotiate. NES Settings: #NymiCore.NesLogin<cacertfile: nil, credentials_location: nil, 
directory_service_id: "nes", nes_url: "https://hostname", verify: :verify_peer, ...>
 E -- Error logging in to NES: "Negotiate error: \"WinHTTPConnect returned null. GetLastError: 0\""
 E -- WebAPI Start failed: Check WebAPI settings and restart            


Misconfigured nymi_agent.toml file.


To resolve this issue, perform the following steps on the centralized Nymi Agent server:

  1. Edit the C:\Nymi\NymiAgent\nymi_agent.toml file.
  2. Correct the values for nes_url and directory_service_id parameters, and then save the file.
  3. Restart the Nymi Agent service.

The following figure shows the nes_url and directory_service_id parameter settings in the nymi_agent.toml file.

Figure 1. nes_url and directory_service_id parameters

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