Importing SEOS-Enabled Nymi Band information into NES

Each time you place a order for SEOS-enabled Nymi Bands, Nymi provides you a CSV that contains important information about the Nymi Bands.

Nymi attaches the CSV file to the purchase order email.
  1. Copy the CSV file to a folder on the NES server.
    Note: Do not modify the CSV file. Changes to the CSV can prevent successful enrollment.
  2. Log into the NES Administrator Console on the NES server with an NES Administrator account.
  3. On the menu bar, click Search.
  4. In the Search window, click Nymi Bands, and then click Import
    The following figure shows the Search window.
    Figure 1. Import option in Search window
  5. On the Import Nymi Bands window, click Browse as shown in the following figure
    Figure 2. Browse in Import Nymi Bands window
  6. In the Open window, navigate to the folder that contains the CSV file, select the CSV file, and then click Open.
    The path and filename appear in the Import Nymi Bands window, as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 3. Import file window with filename
    Note: Some browsers display the path of the file as C:\fakepath. It is not necessary to correct the path.
  7. Click Upload.
    The import operation completes.
    If the import operation encounters a problem, the Import Nymi Bands window indicates an error. To review error messages, click Download records, as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 4. Nymi Band Import error
    The NES Administrator Console creates a CSV file named InvalidUploadsData in the Downloads folder. Open the file and review the error message that appears in the last column for each that encountered an issue.

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