Managing Nymi Band Re-Enrollments with Self-Service Re-Enrollment

When you enable the self-service enrollment feature in the active Nymi Enterprise Server(NES) administration policy, users can re-enroll to their own Nymi Band or optionally a Nymi Band that is currently assigned to another user without the assistance of an CWP Administrator.

Customizing Self-Service Re-Enrollment provides detailed information about how to configure the NES active policy to allow a user to self-enroll their own Nymi Band or to the Nymi Band of another user.
Note: User with SEOS-enabled Nymi Bands cannot use self-service re-enrollment to re-enroll a Nymi Band that was previously assigned to a another user.
Instruct the user to perform the following steps.
  1. Perform the delete user data operation on the Nymi Band identified for re-enrollment.
  2. Log into the Nymi Band Application and complete the steps for enrollment.
    The steps to complete a re-enrollment are identical to the steps that the user follows to complete a new enrollment. Nymi Band Enrollment provides detailed information.
  3. For FIDO2 only, when a user enrolls to another Nymi Band, the user must re-create the FIDO2 security key on the newly enrolled Nymi Band.

If the user re-enrolls their own Nymi Band, the same Nymi Band appears in the User Properties window in the NES Administrator Console.

If a user re-enrolls to a Nymi Band that was assigned to another user, the following changes appear in the User Properties window in the NES Administrator Console:

  • The original Nymi Band appears for the user is not active but remains as the primary Nymi Band.
  • The newly enrolled Nymi Band appears for the user and is set to active.
The following figure provides an example where a user named tw-user2 enrolled to a Nymi Band with serial number AAAH-00125, and then performed a self-service enrollment to second Nymi Band with serial number ACAK-00056.
Figure 1. User with multiple Nymi Bands after self-service re-enrollment.

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